Window Box Herbs at Your Fingertips

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kid_cowboy_requa_inn_window_boxes_635x350Growing Herbs in Window Boxes

If you want to take convenience to a whole new level, consider growing herbs in a window box. Your favorite herbs will always be close at hand precisely when you need them. Remembering to properly feed and care for your precious herb plants will be a snap since they will be growing practically right under your nose. Don’t have a window box? They are easy to build and you’ll be sure to have a perfect custom fit.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have gardening space. But if you do your own cooking, you clearly have a kitchen area. And there’s a decent chance you’ll have a window. So whether you live uptown or out in the country, you can have fresh herbs for use in your culinary creations.

Window box herb gardening is convenient because you only have to open your window to pinch off some parsley. There are no last minute trips to the grocer or running next door to borrow from the neighbor. You have advantages over the outdoor gardener as well. There’s no splashing through the mud and the rain only to be forced to balance a flashlight and a basket as to gather your herbs in the dark.

Your window box for herbs can be as large or small as you desire and as your space allows. You can usually find all sorts of decorative window boxes from home improvement retailers or online vendors. If you’re feeling especially creative, building your own window box is also fairly simple to accomplish. A little lumber, some cutting and some well-placed screws will usually do the trick.

Growing your herbs in window boxes puts these flavorful and often beautiful plants at eye level and within arms reach. For best growing, an outdoor window box should be placed on the east or west side of your home. As you place herbs in the soil, plan for future growth. Water as needed, and above all, enjoy!

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