Instant Access to Fresh Herbs–How?

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instant-access-635x350Have you ever been cooking a meal and realized you were missing a critical flavoring ingredient? At that point you have the choice of racing to the nearest grocery store while supper simmers and hopefully doesn’t burn, trying to substitute with some ingredient you do have, or scrapping the meal entirely. When you choose to grow your own herb garden, you’ll never have to confront this agonizing choice again. Fresh herbs will always be just within reach.

This quick availability of herbal spices is one of the top benefits of growing your own herbs. You can choose which herbs you want to grow so that your favorites will always be on hand. Whether you choose to locate your herb garden on the back patio or even inside your kitchen, you can eliminate rushed trips to the local market in the middle of cooking.

Think about the foods you cook most often, especially dishes that are made more savory by the addition of fresh herbs. Peruse each recipe and make a list of the herbs that are required. Voila! You now have a list of herbs that can make up your beginning herb garden. Imagine how great your cooking will taste when you can pinch off fresh herbs from your own plants and place them directly in the cooking pot. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Plus, you’ll have the added comfort of knowing exactly how the herbs were cultivated. You won’t have to depend on a government stamp of organic purity, you’ll know for certain exactly what when into the soil.